May 13, 2009

switched at birth

ME: i need a new pet peeve.

YAS: what's wrong with your old one?

ME: well, after 37 years of people coming up to me and rattling off in korean, i figured it was time to get over it and maybe pick up a few phrases like, "don't judge a book by its cover."

YAS: that's probably way too subtle. besides, it might actually encourage more conversation. by the way, what's wrong with looking korean? i like korean girls.

ME: is that why you married chinese?

YAS: i also like chinese girls.

ME: i suspect there's a very chinese-looking woman out there, with my exact birthdate, walking around speaking perfect korean, and getting approached and annoyed by presumptuous chinese speakers.

YAS: why don't you verify your theory with your mother?

ME: meh, she'd probably want her biological daughter back and then send me to the orphanage.

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