May 11, 2009

mudders and dads

GL: happy mudder's day, mama!
ME: thank you, monkee!
GL: are you a mudder, mom?
ME: yes, i am.
GL: is puo puo a mudder, mom?
ME: she is, yes.
GL: and jio mah is a mudder too?
ME: that is correct.
GL: tai puo is a mudder, right?
ME: yep.
GL: i want to be a mudder too, mom!
ME: oh, why?
GL: cuz mudders are nice.
ME: oh really?
GL: yep, and they smell nice, and buy me things, play with me, and hug and kiss me.
ME: and how about they tell you to go to bed, or finish your dinner, or stop jumping on the sofa?
GL: they're still nice.
ME: and when they say no more candy?
GL: ...
ME: and when i tell you to clean up your mess and pick up your toys?
GL: ...
ME: or when you do something you're not supposed to and i put you in time out?
GL: mom?
ME: yes, monkee?
GL: can i be a dad?


  1. LOL...we know moms are WAYYYYY better!! That's why mother's day comes FIRST!